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A well-kept environment is a reflection of your company as well as the attitudes of employees. We at the Bright Integrated Services believe that a solid relationship with our clients is essential to succeed and we achieve that by providing excellent quality of service at an affordable price, superior to our competition.

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The Bright Integrated Services, formally known as The Bright Building Services, started in 1990 in janitorial and building maintenance. Over the years, we have grown and are able to offer a full range of trade services to facilitate all your business operations. Our goal is to provide quality services to clients seeking a safe, healthy, clean and professional environment. Our team is dedicated to continuously exceed the expectations of those clients through value, honesty and integrity.

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The Bright Integrated Services provide a full range of maintenance and trades services for a variety of industrial and commercial facilities. We strive to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers, employees and partners by attempting to be one of the best in our field. By partnering with professionals in their leading fields for projects, we are able to provide quality workmanship with great savings to our clients.

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We strongly believe that the key to successful job performance is knowledge, training and supervision. We have a large group of satisfied clients because we are responsive, have hands-on supervision and offer innovative training and motivation to our employees. Our performance for you and your company is a reflection of our company and our success depends on how satisfied you are with our service. We the Bright Integrated Services provide excellent quality of service at an affordable price, superior to our competition.

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